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New bloggers on the block May 11, 20151 Comment

In March 2015, Digital Women UK put out a call for new contributing bloggers. We received interest and applications from some diverse women. We selected three: Hansi Momodu-Gordon, Olivia Woodward and Antonia Anni (pictured).

Each month they will contribute blog posts on topics such as the use of digital platforms in art curation, making UX accessible and feminism, digital platforms and young women.

Momodu-Gordon has been active in the visual arts for the last six years as a curator, producer and writer. The former assistant curator at Tate Modern recently launched Freehand Copy, a content writing company.

Woodward is a blogger, social media enthusiast and history student at the University of York who blogs at Petticoats and Patriarchy, which tackles social justice issues and popular culture from a feminist perspective.

Anni is a UX consultant with a design and engineering background. She has worked on design projects for companies such as Pluralsight, US Bank, Salterbaxter, BBC, Audi, Gamesys, Mars inc., Ladbrokes and the Percy Hedley Foundation.

Find out more about them here.

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