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#DWUKTalks with Joanna Ellis and Anna Lewis

#DWUKTalks with Joanna Ellis and Anna Lewis May 1, 2014Leave a comment

Every month Digital Women UK will host a Twitter talk (using the hashtag #DWUKTalks) on a topic that shows the link between creativity and social media, and highlights the women who are making a difference online. This month Joy Francis talks #digitalpublishing with our guest tweeters – The Literary Platform’s chief operating officer Joanna Ellis and co-founder of CompletelyNovel Anna Lewis.

Digital technology is transforming publishing. Some are calling it the great equaliser as budding and established writers use social media to reach a wider reading audience – with or without a book deal. When you look at who is leading the way in digital publishing, there are many women making their mark – Rosemarie Hudson, Rebecca Smart, Hannah Telfer, Eela Devani and Sara Lloyd, to name but a few. Author and academic Dr Alison Baverstock recently carried out ground-breaking research into self-publishing highlighting the role of digital. Meanwhile writers who used to hone their craft in isolation can now collaborate, create and share ideas without leaving their desks. That said there are still some hurdles to clear, including how to make a decent living from writing. To help us understand the key trends and best options, we have two leading lights of digital publishing to help you through the digital maze:

Joanna Ellis

Article Image - Joanna Ellis
Picture credit: Marcus Bastel

Joanna Ellis is the chief operating officer at The Literary Platform, an agency specialising in publishing and technology. She is also the co-founder of TheWriting Platform, a site and events programme for writers. Prior to this she spent 14 years working in traditional publishing, most recently as the marketing director at Faber & Faber. She has been a speaker on brand (at St Brides and Wolff Olins), content strategy (for the Publishers’ Association), digital opportunities for writers (for New Writing South), communications and organisational change (London Book Fair, 2012) and the shifting landscape of publishing (at CONTEC in Brazil, London College of Communication, Goldsmiths, University of London, and Natur Och Kultur in Sweden).

Find out more about The Writing Platform, The Literary Platform and Joanna on Twitter: @TheWritPlatform
@TheLitPlatform @joannae


Anna Lewis

Article image - Anna Lewis

Anna Lewis is the co-founder of Valobox and Completely Novel. Her focus with both ventures has been connecting content creators with new technologies so they can build better relationships and experiences for their readers. She has also led cross-industry partnerships such as the Author Blog Awards and the 24 Hour Book project. Outside the world of publishing Anna has managed a series of international digital campaigns for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. She has been a finalist for the Young Publishing Entrepreneur Award, and been funded by the Shuttleworth Foundation – an international organisation supporting social innovators.

Find out more about Anna and her work on Twitter: @completelynovel @valobox @anna_cn

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On Wednesday 7 May 2014 from 5pm to 6pm GMT follow us on Twitter @digitalwomenuk and use #DWUKTalks in all your tweets to discover:

  • How to use digital technology and networks to push creative boundaries
  • How best to market yourself and your work online
  • Web technology to make your books ‘discoverable’
  • Opportunities and hurdles of digital publishing
  • If it’s possible to make a living as a writer
  • Cross platform storytelling
  • Useful tools and platforms for writers to explore new forms and to publish

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